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Case Study

Heather had separated from her husband Michael and had appointed Family Law Partners to assist her with a divorce. During their 23 years of marriage, Heather and Michael had accumulated a variety of assets including buy to let property, investments and pension funds. Aged 58, Heather was anxious to ensure that a financial settlement would provide her with future financial security in her retirement.

Family Law Financial Planning were appointed by Heather and her lawyers to assist in quantifying the current value of assets and their future benefit. Detailed income and expenditure analysis was carried out and cash flow forecasts were produced to assist understanding of Heather’s future financial needs. This work provided important insights in to how a financial settlement should be structured to meet her life requirements.

The agreed financial settlement involved a ‘clean break’ and this led to a distribution of assets between Heather and Michael. Heather received a share of Michael’s pension funds, a share of property sale proceeds, their matrimonial home and several investment products.

Heather planned to work for a further five years and then spend time travelling overseas in retirement. Family Law Financial Planning helped Heather understand how her income levels would change pre and post retirement and the impact this would have on her assets and financial security. This cash flow forecasting work led to informed decisions on how her assets should be held in order to achieve income, tax and cost efficiencies. It also provided Heather with a valuable understanding of her scope to finance travelling and holidays in retirement.

Family Law Financial Planning implemented the pension sharing with a focus on providing future income flexibility. Heather’s assets were invested under the advice of Family Law Financial Planning, in a manner suitable to her specific requirements and retirement objectives. Heather’s financial position and investments will continue to be reviewed on a regular basis and the support provided will continue throughout Heather’s retirement.

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